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Community Edition: Image and Web Content tiles

Sameer Mhaisekar
SquaredUp, Technical Evangelist

We've come to the end of the Community Edition Learning Path. In this final instalment, let's take a look at the remaining two tiles – the Image tile and the Web Content tile.

We'll start with the image tile first.

SquaredUp Image Tile

Pretty much does what it says on the tin. You can insert an image using this tile. This can be used for branding, easy reference or even just for fun, really.

I have a NOC dashboard in my instance, and I just added something fun at the top so it’s a little more themed now.

But like I said, you could insert something that really adds value – like a diagram of application, a layout of your datacenter etc. The possibilities are endless!

SquaredUp Web Content Tile

Now, on to the web content tile. If you’re already a SquaredUp customer, you may recognize this one. It’s one of those tiles that can be very useful if you use them correctly!

It let’s you do simple things like writing a bit of an HTML code to get the following:

A moving strip – going from right to the left like a news flash – written in HTML that reminds us all to automate what you can!

It also lets you do things like embed another webpage (after whitelisting it) to your dashboard so you can combine data from different sources. For example, in my SCOM dashboard here, I’m getting my data in using the PowerShell tile for donuts, while the list of alerts below is actually a dashboard I have in Grafana. Now that is pretty sweet!

You can already do pretty much everything with Community Edition thanks to its WebAPI and PowerShell tiles, but if you still have other webpages where you have your data, simply bring them over! ?

Alright folks, the journey ends here – at least for now. As new features get added to Community Edition in future releases I’m sure we’ll be meeting here again.

Until then, adios and as always, happy dashboarding!