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Community Edition: Working with the SQL tile

Sameer Mhaisekar
SquaredUp, Technical Evangelist

In my previous blogs in the Community Edition Learning Path, we looked at working with the Web API tile and the PowerShell tile.

In this instalment, let’s try the SQL tile. This tile will let you connect to any SQL database and run a SQL query straight from SquaredUp. This tile is also available in both the SquaredUp for SCOM and Azure products, so I have some familiarity with it already.

Let’s connect to our SCOM database and create some quick dashboards.

All you have to do is make a connection to the database with its connection string.

Next, specify the query you want to run. The one I have queried is the OperationsManager database, to retrieve the number of alerts raised in the last 10 days.

...and done! The dashboard is ready.

I’ll add a couple more tiles quickly with some other queries I have, so we have some more visualizations to look at.

5 minutes later, and our dashboard is now complete!

All of this, made entirely with SQL queries. As mentioned earlier, you can connect to any SQL database and create dashboards with the data in there.

To read more about the SQL tile in detail, check out this excellent blog written by my colleague and SquaredUp Product Manager Vincent.

Next, we'll be taking on something I’ve hardly worked with before – the Elasticsearch tile. Stay tuned!