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Webinars and Events

Release webinar: Dashboard Server 6.2

Lots of exciting new features and updates coming in the latest DS 6.2 release webinar!

8 May 2024

Release webinar: Dashboard Server v6.1

Hot on the heels of version 6.0, this DS for SCOM release brings a raft of updates, including improvements to the new auditing feature, the performance drill-down page, and more!

6 Feb 2024

Release webinar: Dashboard Server v6.0

Bigger and better than ever before, SquaredUp v6.0 brings you three major updates you won’t want to miss.

23 Aug – 26 Sept 2023

SquaredUp: Live Demo with Q&A

Join our Customer Solutions Engineer for a hands-on introduction to SquaredUp.

30 Nov 2022

Fixing SCOM’s Blind Spots – Introducing EAM-X, and loads more with SquaredUp v5.5!

Join our upcoming webinar to see our brand new licence tier – EAM-X – in action, and see the latest product updates in SquaredUp v5.5.

28 Apr 2022

Release Webinar: SquaredUp v5.4

SquaredUp 5.4 is coming! Experience new ways to visualize your metrics and provide more actionable insights.

3 Feb 2022

Live Demo with Q&A: Webinar recording

Join our Customer Solutions Engineer for a hands-on introduction to SquaredUp. You will learn: How to build beautiful, interactive dashboards using a variety of visualisations and data sources.How SquaredUp’s powerful integrations allow you to connect to unlimited tools and data.How to monitor applications, ensuring critical systems remain stable and available to end users.

2 Nov 2021

Release Webinar: SquaredUp v5.3

SquaredUp v5.3 continues our mission in helping companies reduce tool sprawl and increase observability. Join our live webinar with Q&A to see the latest product enhancements in action.

7 Oct 2021

Dashboarding Enterprise IT tools with PowerShell

PowerShell with SquaredUp makes powerful dashboarding. Watch the ‘Dashboarding Enterprise IT tools with PowerShell’ webinar

15 Jul 2021

Express Demo: SquaredUp SCOM Edition

Ready to take the next step? Why not book a 1-2-1 demo with one of our technical experts?

19 May 2021

Dashboard Server Product Preview

Dashboard anything for free: Introducing SquaredUp Dashboard Server.

25 Mar 2021

Release Webinar: SquaredUp v5.0

Bigger and better than ever before, SquaredUp v5.0 brings a fresh new look and feel, plus major enhancements to our most popular features.

15 Dec 2020

Digital Experience Monitoring for Office 365 on SCOM and Azure

Adam Kinniburgh, SquaredUp’s VP Customer Success, and Christian Heitkamp, Product Manager at NiCE IT Management Solutions, join forces for this special webinar where they will discuss cutting edge monitoring and visualization for your Microsoft Office 365 on SCOM and Azure.

6 Oct 2020

Release Webinar: SquaredUp v4.8

To see the latest product enhancements included in SquaredUp 4.8, join John Knowles (Director of Product Management) and Vincent Babin (Product Manager) on our upcoming release webinar.

24 Sept 2020

Bring the power of VADA to ServiceNow with the Cookdown connector

SquaredUp founder and CEO, Richard Benwell, is joined by Cookdown’s Director of Products, Bruce Cullen, to discuss how to align SCOM infrastructure monitoring with ServiceNow service management.

14 Jul 2020

6 steps we took to regain control of our Azure costs at SquaredUp

In this special webinar, we’ll give you an insider’s look into how we took control of our Azure costs, and how you can do the same. Learn how we identified the problems, implemented solutions and are continuing to keep things under control.

4 Jun 2020

Coffee Break: Citrix Monitoring with GripMatix

This month we are joined by Adam Kinniburgh, Lead Evangelist at SquaredUp along with Merijn Overgaauw and Marc van der Veer, Citrix specialists and Product Architects at GripMatix, for a Q&A style discussion on Citrix Monitoring.

26 May 2020

Coffee Break SCOM Update Rollup 1

Heard about the SCOM Update Rollup 1 but unsure of exactly what it includes? Let Shawn Williams, SquaredUp Technical Evangelist and Leon Laude, SCOM Consultant and author of popular ‘The System Center Blog’ break it down for you. Among other topics, they will cover updates announced at Ignite 2019 vs what’s been included, new features and fixes, a step-by-step guide to updating and the most useful resources to get started.

28 Apr 2020

Coffee Break: Upgrading to SCOM 2019

This month we are joined by Shawn Williams, Technical Evangelist at SquaredUp and Leon Laude, SCOM Consultant and author of popular ‘The System Center Blog’ for a Q&A style discussion about upgrading to SCOM 2019

28 Jan 2020

Coffee Break: The hottest free SCOM essentials that you should be using

SCOM is a true powerhouse of a platform – that much is clear to anyone who’s used it. But it needs some extra love in the form of MPs and integrations to unlock its true potential.

24 Sept 2019