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Community Dashboard Server

Dashboard any IT data for free

Is your data locked in multiple tools and difficult to access? Community Dashboard Server brings all your data together under one roof.

Connect any data with dedicated integrations

Community Dashboard Server has native integrations with Elasticsearch and Azure Log Analytics straight out of the box, plus the versatility of Web API and PowerShell. You can surface any data, from anywhere.

Explore Integrations

With Community Dashboard Server and PowerShell you can query any type of data sources that you can think of today.

Samuel Tegenfeldt, Atea

Ridiculously easy
to share with Open Access

Insights are only valuable when shared. Share your dashboards with everyone, anywhere, using Open Access. Send a link or put your dashboard on a wall monitor or website. It’s as simple as connect, visualize, share.

The SquaredUp dashboards are beautiful, and very easy to organize to show both management and technical employees critical data at a glance.

Danny Parrott, Purdue University

A community of contributors

With a 3,000 strong community (who love to share their own dashboard creations) there’s always help at hand, no matter what you’re trying to dashboard. Check out our community driven Gallery pages for some inspiration and quick wins!

Built for
Enterprise IT

Get up and running in minutes. Community Dashboard Server doesn’t require any new databases, Windows Services or agents, and is powered by technologies you use every day.

SquaredUp Community Dashboard Server is so simple. You don't have to be a data scientist to use it.

Samuel Tegenfeldt, Atea

Download Community Dashboard Server for free

Simply install on Windows Server, or deploy from the Azure or AWS marketplace.
It’s enterprise-grade dashboarding that’s free forever.

Want more?

Upgrade to a paid Dashboard Server Enterprise plan for:

10+ named users
Team Folders to manage dashboard access securely

Splunk, ServiceNow, and Azure App Insights integrations
And more Enterprise features


Zero to dashboard hero in 60 seconds

Start now with hundreds of customizable dashboards.

3 users. Unlimited dashboards. Free forever.