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SquaredUp case study - umb bank
Case Study

UMB Bank

Named by Forbes in 2019 as one of the “World’s Best Banks”, UMB Bank is a leading provider of financial services headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri (US).

1,500 servers

SquaredUp user since November 2018

After deploying SquaredUp, my team was amazed at the newly enhanced SCOM and all it could do. Being able to show the stuff SCOM is capable of has been really powerful!

Tom Riddle

Microsoft / UMB Bank, Systems Architect

The Challenge:
Demystifying SCOM

SCOM is a complex monitoring powerhouse with a steep learning curve. But without SCOM, the Command Center at UMB Bank was lacking visibility, and it seemed impossible to get a big picture overview of the many data sources and systems they monitored.

As a Microsoft Systems Architect contracted to work on UMB Bank’s command centre, Tom was tasked with developing a comprehensive monitoring solution that would improve all operational monitoring for the bank.

He knew that SCOM was a part of the solution, but he also knew that to make SCOM more accessible to the team, he would need a helping hand.

We needed to get all our operational data into one place – SCOM – and surface and display this info intuitively. This is where SquaredUp hugely benefited us as a single-pane-of-glass.

The solution: A single pane of glass

1. Integrations

With 10-15 different operational data sources including Splunk, ServiceNow, Zena and Puppet, Tom and team needed an easy way to view all the data in one place.

“Once we got all our operational data into SCOM, SquaredUp facilitated the telemetry of all the different parts of monitoring into one place. It was so much easier to diagram using VADA/Visio. And way easier for end users to consume than the HTML 5 SCOM web portal.”

2. Self-service dashboards

Using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) method, Tom and team outsourced the ‘V’ to SquaredUp – which according to Tom, also meant outsourcing a lot of the difficult thinking.

No need for expensive gurus
“SquaredUp’s HTML5 live tiles take very abstract and difficult problems and simplify them. They removed the need to hire expensive gurus – our team is now empowered with the tools to analyze the data ourselves.”

More time for important work
“It helped free up the SCOM Admins to focus on more important tasks and not get caught up in creating views and presentations.”

The flexible dashboard designer lets you surface and compare complex metrics over any time period.

3. Drillable

On top of providing a big picture overview, SquaredUp also made it easy to get detailed health and performance metrics, dig into difficult problems and quickly locate root causes.

“It’s so easy to drill down into an alert and see all the relevant correlation data – the team was truly blown away.”

The root cause perspective brings together alerts, monitors and history for an unhealthy object in any stack.

SquaredUp takes all the work out of creating views and presentations, which means Admins can just focus on getting the data IN. SquaredUp will do the rest in terms of getting data OUT.

Tom Riddle

Microsoft / UMB Bank, Systems Architect