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Azure Dashboard Server

Take control of Azure performance and cost

Struggling to keep on top of your Azure applications and what they are costing? Our dashboards give you all the visibility you need.

Within an hour of deploying it we found about $100,000 worth of savings year over year

Global IT Lead, multinational engineering company

Azure Compute may be flexible, but your budget isn't.

The Cloud is powerful at maintaining agility and flexibility, but costs can get out of control as services spin up to meet demand.

With our native dashboards for Azure cost, you can identify exactly which resources your application is using and track their costs in real time.

Optimize your application’s use of your cloud resources before the bill arrives.

We immediately identified VMs that were costing us money but not being used. We shaved our monthly Azure spend by $5k already, so you could say we’re getting a good ROI.

Stephen Vaughan, GAF

Optimize performance

Bring together data from all of your tools.

Use our drilldowns to help your teams quickly identify the root causes of complex performance issues.

Reduce downtime

Create application dashboards for support teams to immediately spot issues and take action.

No need to wait for IT administrators and DevOps teams to share application knowledge every time there is an incident.

Key features

Azure cost monitoring

Unearth big hidden costs and identify your least utilized resources using interactive Treemap and Sunburst visualizations.

Drill down to see cost alongside performance and utilization to enable accurate right-sizing.

Azure Monitor integration

Integrating with Azure Monitor Log Analytics and Application Insights, Azure Dashboard Server makes it easy to leverage all the data streaming into your Azure Monitor workspaces.

Azure Lighthouse support

Azure Lighthouse is integral to cross tenant management in Azure. Fully compatible with Lighthouse, Azure Dashboard Server makes the creation of multi-tenanted dashboards quick and effortless.

Aggregate data together from multiple tenants

Show side-by-side comparisons across different tenants

Zoom into any individual tenant for a detailed view

Connect to data stored anywhere

Integrate with REST APIs

Visualize data from sources like Pingdom, New Relic, Octopus Deploy, and countless others.

Any data with PowerShell

Our PowerShell tile lets you access any data with a little PowerShell scripting knowledge

All SQL data sources

Our SQL tile lets you connect to all your SQL data sources like the Microsoft System Center Suite and SolarWinds


Get up and running in five minutes

Simply deploy from the Azure Marketplace or download and install on your Windows Server or VM.

Enjoy 30 days of free, unlimited dashboarding. No new databases, Windows Services or agents needed.