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FAQ: SquaredUp Cloud

And what does it mean for Dashboard Server?

What is the new SaaS product?

SquaredUp Cloud has been in development for over two years (we first previewed it at SquaredUp Live, Spring 2021). It continues our mission to unlock and summarize data – think of it like “BI for engineering”. In building SquaredUp Cloud, we drew upon what we’ve learned with our Microsoft solutions over the last ten years, and built a solution independent of any one tool, like SCOM.

SquaredUp Cloud includes 50+ pre-built plugins to instantly surface data for common engineering tools and data sources including:

A few months ago, we announced a new EAM-X tier for our SCOM Dashboard Server product, which is powered by SquaredUp Cloud and its 50+ plugins. Now, we’re releasing SquaredUp Cloud as a standalone product, which you’ll see us refer to simply as SquaredUp.

I’m hearing you refer to “Dashboard Server” products – what’s up with that?

To distinguish our SaaS offering from our existing Microsoft products, we’re re-branding them under a new category called “Dashboard Server” – for example SCOM Dashboard Server.

Does SquaredUp Cloud replace SCOM Dashboard Server?

No, SCOM Dashboard Server remains the best visualization solution for all that juicy infrastructure monitoring data within SCOM! However, if your monitoring strategy reaches beyond SCOM, you have the option of extending SCOM with EAM-X or adopting SquaredUp Cloud independently of SCOM. SquaredUp Cloud of course includes a plugin for SCOM, along with 50+ more for all kinds of monitoring, observability, cloud, and DevOps data.

Does SquaredUp Cloud replace Azure Dashboard Server?

In most cases SquaredUp Cloud will be more suited to Azure use cases (like tracking costs across cloud providers). We encourage Azure Dashboard Server customers to consider migrating to SquaredUp Cloud – contact us to learn more.

Will SquaredUp continue to invest in Dashboard Server products?

Absolutely. SquaredUp Cloud is launching at the same time as our latest Dashboard Server release, Version 5.7. And we’re already working on Version 5.8, which we hope to deliver before the end of 2022… Stay tuned!

How can I learn more?

To learn more about SquaredUp Cloud and the future of SquaredUp, check out our webinar – SquaredUp 5.7 & Roadmap Update. Alternatively get in touch at [email protected] and we can set you up with an engineer-led demo.