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Introducing SquaredUp 5.0

Add context to SCOM & Azure with 360°, single-pane-of-glass monitoring.

Same great product. All new experience.

SquaredUp 5.0 sets the direction for single-pane-of-glass monitoring. This major release includes interactive and responsive Open Access dashboards, intuitive dashboards design tools for impactful visualizations out of the box, and lets you add context to SCOM and Azure with rich Web API visualizations of your external data sources.

SquaredUp is on a mission to make the world's most complex IT infrastructure beautifully simple to understand and 5.0 is our commitment to that.

I'm glad you keep improving and working on the product to make it more flexible to use. It gives us confidence that you have a product we can continue to use for the future.

SquaredUp Partner

Improved Dashboard Designer experience

Use intuitive templates to create impactful dashboards out-of-the-box quickly

  • Layout templates​
  • Any number of rows with any number of columns​
  • Split columns​
  • Improved drag & drop

New Open Access

​Shared dashboards are now fully interactive with the new immersive Open Access experience.

  • Fully interactive with a responsive experience that works great on mobile!
  • Drilldown to access more data in perspectives1
  • Self-healing, improved scaling and performance

1 Open Access drilldowns require a named user license

New 360° tools for powerful single-pane-of glass monitoring

  • New visualizations: Bar charts, donuts, line graphs​
  • Powerful configuration to build dashboards from any tools with an API​
  • For Azure DevOps, Dynatrace, New Relic, PagerDuty, SolarWinds and more

Fresh look & feel

This vibrant visual refresh is distinctly SquaredUp with fresh and modern colors.

  • Enhanced contrast for visualizations​
  • New vibrant heatmap colors​
  • Darker dark mode

Before I had to use the JSON editor to get a complex layout. Now I can do more with the new dashboard designer and more quickly than I could before.

SquaredUp customer

SquaredUp SCOM Edition licence tiers

We are making changes to our license tiers for SquaredUp SCOM Edition, by introducing two new tiers: Teams and Connect.

For more information on our licence updates, check out our pricing page.


  • Unlimited SCOM dashboards
  • Drilldowns and alert management
  • Lightning-fast performance reporting
  • Easy install, no database to manage
  • Technical support that won't let you down
  • Visio diagrams and custom visualizations
  • Team Folders for access control
  • Unlimited Open Access users
  • High availability architecture


All the features of Teams, plus:​

  • Unlimited integrations
  • SQL tile
  • Web API tile
  • ServiceNow tile
  • Azure Log Analytics and App Insights tiles


All the features of Connect, plus:​

  • Unlimited application mapping
  • Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA)
  • Enterprise Application Designer
  • Availability and dependency monitoring
  • Service status messages

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