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A single pane of glass for ITOps

Extend visibility beyond SCOM to get the full picture.

SquaredUp DS allows us to link multiple integrations into SCOM and surface them all in one place

Anthony Ashmead, Enterprise monitoring lead, Arup

Fix SCOM's blind spots

SCOM is awesome at two things. It offers best-of-breed monitoring for the Microsoft infrastructure stack, and it is highly extensible via Management Packs. But MPs can be complex to build or expensive to buy.

Even then, SCOM has blind spots:

  • Cloud hosting components (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP).
  • Virtual machines (e.g., hosted by VMware).
  • Linux infrastructure (e.g., monitored by Nagios)
  • Network health (e.g., monitored by SolarWinds)
  • DevOps pipelines pushing changes which impact application health (e.g., Azure DevOps, CircleCI, Jenkins)

Get the full picture

  • Extend SCOM visibility with 60+ plugins.
  • Integrate roll-ups, alerting, and SLO reporting for all your tools and platforms.
  • Extend your enterprise applications and VADA maps with status from other tools.
  • Delegate health roll-ups to other teams.

Powered by SquaredUp Cloud

SquaredUp Cloud is the next-gen SaaS dashboarding platform powered by 60+ pre-built plugins for any engineering data. SquaredUp's Dashboard Server can be bundled with the new SquaredUp Cloud using a dedicated Management Pack to power SCOM as your true single pane of glass.

With the SquaredUp Cloud extension, and the SolarWinds plugin, we've been able to decommission the SolarWinds MP for SCOM

Anthony Ashmead, Enterprise monitoring lead, Arup
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