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Beautifully simple dashboards for SCOM

Dashboard Server for SCOM is packed with features designed to help you effortlessly surface and share insights from any SCOM data.

From zero to dashboard hero, in minutes

Dashboard Server for SCOM natively connects to SCOM's object model. Since all data comes from SCOM APIs, there are no new databases to install or complex queries to run. Our range of out-of-box dashboards mean you'll be surfacing insights in minutes.

I can’t believe how quick and responsive the web interface is compared with the sluggish SCOM.

Paul Butcher, Welsh Water

SquaredUp does the visualization magic to make SCOM the great monitor tool it is.

Asger, Danish Broadcasting

SquaredUp has the best support team in the industry. Always useful, always helpful, always have the answer.

David, BDO Canada

Dashboard like DaVinci

Choose from a catalog of pre-built dashboards or custom-build your own visualizations with our intuitive dashboard designer.

Drill down for insights at every level

With SCOM, you can’t drill down to see more details or correlate data with other data types or alerts for the same object. With SquaredUp, you can get all the detail and insight you need, from the metrics you are already collecting – all accessible by drilling down to any data within a dashboard.

Ridiculously easy to share

Insights are only valuable when shared. Share your dashboards with everyone, anywhere, using Open Access. Send a link or put your dashboard on a wall monitor or website. It's as simple as connect, visualize, share.

Surface any data next to your SCOM data

SquaredUp offers dashboard tiles designed for flexibility – so you can get visibility of data from any source, and see it alongside your SCOM data.


The Swiss Army Knife of integrations lets you access any data with a little PowerShell scripting knowledge.


Surface data from SQL Server or databases compatible with ODBC such as Oracle, PostGres, and MySQL.


Integrate with REST APIs to visualize data from sources like Pingdom, New Relic, Octopus Deploy, and more.

and more

Access your data in ElasticSearch, run log queries in Azure Monitor Logs, or integrate Azure app insights.

Visualize your SCOM data any way you want

Choose from a multitude of visualizations to display your data so it’s instantly understood by everyone.


Get alerted of the status of any object in real time with icons, blocks, and donut charts.

Go beyond infrastructure monitoring

Enterprise Application Monitoring

Monitor and map enterprise applications

Single Pane of Glass

Fix SCOM's blind spots with 60+ data sources

Get started today

Zero to dashboard hero in 60 seconds

Hundreds of ready-made dashboards. No new databases. 30 days free.