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Visual Application Discovery Analysis

Get Enterprise Application (EA) discovery and modeling with VADA to monitor all your applications. Discover and visualize dependencies for any application and assess performance at each layer.

See all your applications and dependencies

No more hunting through SCOM dashboards. SquaredUp gives you an interactive diagram of all your applications and dependencies so you can visualize the data you need.

Diagnose performance issues and drill down

Drill into any dashboard to explore the health and performance of individual resources and quickly locate root causes. You can even retrieve additional insights on alerts from different sources with SquaredUp Perspectives.

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Fix SCOM's blind spots

Get end-to-end visibility for your enterprise applications and fix SCOM's blind spots with 60+ additional data sources.

Share application status with the business

Create simple red-amber-green (RAG) dashboards to communicate the health of your enterprise applications. With Link Dependency Monitoring, you can quickly add TCP monitoring to validate that the network is working or setup a quick test to check that your application works from the customers' perspective.

We recently discovered a memory leak issue… SquaredUp was the only tool that allowed the support teams to identify the root cause.

Danish Broadcasting

SquaredUp does the visualization magic to make SCOM the great monitor tool it is.

Asger Nissen

SquaredUp has the best support team in the industry. Always useful, always helpful, always have the answer.

David, BDO Canada

I can’t believe how quick and responsive the web interface is compared with the sluggish SCOM

Paul Butcher, Welsh Water
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