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SquaredUp Dashboard Server 5.8

New release: Dashboard Server 5.8 is here

SquaredUp Dashboard Server just got an upgrade with 5.8!

The new release has some much-requested new features and functions that will help you visualize your SCOM data better.

Here’s what’s new:

Catch the full release webinar recording at the bottom of the blog for a detailed demo by Bruce Cullen, Director of Advanced Products at SquaredUp. 

Visualize health status of any SCOM object – Stack tile

The new(ish) Stack tile lets you instantly visualize the health status of any object in SCOM. This tile has been available before but you can now add it to any dashboard or perspective to quickly see the upstream impact of an outage on a low-level object.

Just select the hosting stack tile when building a dashboard. You don’t need JSON for this tile. Scope to a single monitored object and it will show you the object. Now, with the Stack tile, you can see the whole gist of an application without VADA.

An all-new feature for the tile is its ability to show the power state of objects and when something is in maintenance mode. Plus, you can drill down into each object for more details to discover root causes of any issues.

Never miss a monitor in error state – new groupings

5.8 now lets you group monitors by health state in the icons tile!

This was a highly requested feature. Now you can see any monitors in error state at the top of your tile without having to scan through the whole list.

You can also order by object name alphabetically - ascending or descending. And, as before, you can filter your objects to show only the objects relevant to that dashboard.

Block tiles can now be sorted by health state and availability too. This lets you quickly see which machines are off or on, when availability is switched on. Just switch on the sorting in the edit settings of the tile.

Highlight the most important objects – more conditional coloring

Conditional coloring is now available on more tiles than ever! You can add conditional coloring on line, spark, and bar graphs, as well as on donuts, to highlight what’s most important on the dashboard. Color code based on values or labels.

For example, you could show disks with less than 20% free space in red, or color code by department so each department’s data is easy to pick out across every visualization on the dashboard.

To add a conditional color based on a value, use the new mustache control to set one or more thresholds, and choose a specific color per threshold, to highlight what’s most important to you and your audience on a dashboard.

Additional updates in 5.8

We've not stopped there. Further improvements to SquaredUp Dashboard Server include:

Those are all the best new features and improvements in SquaredUp Dashboard Server 5.8. You can always check out the release notes to find out more about these features and other improvements.

All your data from on-prem and cloud in one place

Have you heard about SquaredUp Dashboard Server EAM-X?

EAM-X lets you plug SCOM’s blind spots.

SCOM is only as good as your MPs but there’s so much more you want to be able to monitor (and monitor better).

The EAM-X tier of SquaredUp Dashboard Server lets you pull into SCOM all the additional data you need, like Elasticsearch, Azure Log Analytics, SolarWinds, VMware, and so much more.

SquaredUp now has a cloud offering and the EAM-X tier lets you have the best of the plugins from SquaredUp for cloud in SquaredUp Dashboard Server, so you can keep SCOM at the center of your monitoring universe.

We’ve just added some new plugins too, like CISCO DNA, Jira Service Management, and Jenkins plugin. So, check it out!

Download 5.8 now and find out more

To get started with 5.8, see How to install Dashboard Server SCOM Edition.

You can download the latest version here and read the Release Notes for details on other improvements in this release.

For a step-by-step guide on how to update your Dashboard Server SCOM Edition deployment to the latest version, see How to upgrade Dashboard Server SCOM Edition.

Watch the full 5.8 demo

Now you’ve got all the highlights, you can see the full demo by Bruce Cullen for a detailed walkthrough of the new features and improvements in SquaredUp Dashboard Server 5.8.

Try Dashboard Server EAM-X free now

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