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Dashboard Fridays

We are excited to announce a new community initiative – Dashboard Fridays. 

Dashboard Fridays is a bite-sized video series where we share and discuss a range of different dashboards created for the community, by the community. Each video is no longer than 20min, so grab a coffee and let’s talk dashboards! 

Each episode, we will zoom in on one stellar dashboard put together by a member of the community. Together with our very own VP Customer Success Adam Kinniburgh, the creator of the dashboard will be invited to share the details of:  

Head over to the series by clicking the image below!

All the dashboards covered in the series can be found on the Dashboard Gallery site – our one-stop shop for community dashboards. Not only will you be able to get some inspiration, you can also download free sample dashboards for use in your own environment. 

Be a Community Champion

If you’d like to give back to the community, or show off a cool dashboard you’ve made – here’s your chance! Send us your dashboard and a short description via these instructions and we’ll mail you some SquaredUp SWAG and a Star Wars LEGO Microfighter to celebrate your first submission. 

Excitingly, submitting a dashboard also puts you in the running for Community Champion – an award we give out every month to the top dashboard contributor.  

Happy dashboarding, and catch you at the next Dashboard Fridays!