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Best practice for building stunning application dashboards

Join Richard South and Matthew Long, as we look at best practices for building dashboards for Application monitoring in SCOM, using SquaredUp. We discuss why creating Distributed Applications to represent your applications is so important, and how you can leverage these using SquaredUp when building your dashboards and perspectives. We take a quick look at using VADA to map an application, and how you can export this into an MP ready for import into SCOM.

Once imported, we can now easily visualize the health of all the components that make up the application using perspectives, as the DA provides an enclosing scope about the application and what it contains. Scoping status, alert and performance tiles is easy, and all the views are easily discovered as they are tied directly to the application itself.

If you haven't seen the past few Coffee Breaks on the power of Perspectives you should definitely check them out, as this is the culmination of all we've been covering over the past few weeks.

The accompanying slides are available here.

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