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New and improved Community Answers

We are thrilled to announce that among our other big plans for 2021, we have migrated and upgraded our much-loved Community Answers platform! It is now a lot easier to connect with the rest of the monitoring community and get the answers you are looking for.

What is Community Answers?

If you’re new, Community Answers is our popular community platform where users discuss all things SCOM, Azure and SquaredUp. If you use any of these technologies, why not join in? You’ll be able to tap on the knowledge and experience of experts and your peers – plus share what you’ve learnt with likeminded people. Ask questions, answer them, and earn fun badges along the way!

What’s new?

The Community Answers platform has been a stalwart of the monitoring community for a long time.

This year, we migrated the site to Discourse, a well-known community platform familiar to many. The new platform extends Community Answers beyond basic Q&A and provides us with improved community functionality, such as more intuitive tags, better code snippet support, polls, message groups, private messaging and the ability to connect to the Discourse mobile app! Got a specific question for a fellow Community Answers user? Simply pop them a private message!

You can now also earn badges for engaging with the community – such as the “Aficionado” badge for visiting the site for 100 consecutive days and the “Out of Love” badge for liking 50 answers in a single day. As you interact with the community, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming “SCOM Expert” and “Azure Expert” badges! Badges like these will level-up your user account, and over time, you could even become a moderator in your topic of specialization. Exciting, right?

Our top contributors have even been known to win exquisite Star Wars LEGO. To see your activity, click on your username and your top replies, top likes and top links will be displayed.

Why the move?

With this migration, we hope to provide an improved user experience and an even better platform for facilitating community activity in the long run.

How? Well, on top of being easier to improve and maintain, Discourse provides us with numerous opportunities for future feature and theming upgrades – meaning that we will be able to evolve the platform as we go, ensuring that it is always tailored to the community’s needs.

You may rest assured that it will stay the one-stop shop for your monitoring discussions for a long time to come!

What do I need to do?

Nothing! Head over to and login as per normal. Your username and password should work on the new site.

And voila! Welcome to the new and improved Community Answers platform. Get chatting, get learning, earn those badges, and most importantly – have fun!