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SquaredUp case study - NTT cloud communications

NTT Cloud Communications

Case Study

NTT Cloud Communications is one of the largest and fastest growing global providers of cloud communication services in the world, spanning 33 countries and servicing over 50,000 customers.

450 servers

SquaredUp user since March 2016

We were using a competitor product but it just wasn’t giving us what we needed. Switching to SquaredUp means we can give our users a single-pane-of-glass, which has massively increased engagement with SCOM and monitoring as a whole.

Chris Pettitt
NTT Cloud Communications, UC Systems Engineer

The Challenge:

NTT were using a competitor product which failed to engage users and provide IT monitoring data in a compelling, actionable form.

With their current tool unable to satisfy their IT monitoring needs, NTT sought a new solution which could:

  • Deliver dashboards at a managerial level
  • Get their users engaged with SCOM
  • Combine multiple IT data sources and make them available via a single-pane-of-glass

The Results:

Following their implementation of SquaredUp, NTT were able to:

• Provide users with a single-pane-of-glass which delivered multiple performance perspectives; from end-user availability right through to infrastructure health.

Increase engagement with SCOM by displaying IT monitoring data in a relevant, digestible form.

• Improve the perception of monitoring by providing users, at every level of the organization, with dashboards that exceeded expectations.

NTT's Top 3 Wins

  1. Getting everyone within their IT organization looking at the same data.
  2. Delivering better dashboards to management.
  3. Replacing an underperforming product with a far superior solution.

SquaredUp is way more straightforward than most enterprise software, which has allowed us to get real results, fast. With all the flexibility it offers, it’s delivered far more than we originally expected.

Patrick McKenney
NTT Cloud Communications, UC Systems Engineer