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How to monitor the hybrid cloud using SCOM

Join Matthew Long and Richard Benwell as they kick of the first Coffee Break of 2018 with a discussion of what role SCOM plays when you start to migrate applications to the public cloud.

This topic is going to be a focus for SquaredUp in 2018 as more and more organisations step up their Public Cloud adoption, either as an initial expansion or as part of an ongoing cloud migration.

Today we start what will be an ongoing conversation by looking at a fairly typical scenario, which is moving applications to the cloud using IaaS VMs, and how we can monitor those with SCOM. Organisations have a huge investment in existing on-prem infrastructure so typically start with migrating 10-20% of workloads to the cloud, using a lift-and-shift operation.

We discuss how regardless of where your applications are hosted, you want to provide your organisation with consistent, high quality monitoring capabilities across all applications, and that your existing investment in SCOM is a key part of that.

We also demo some beta tooling that we've built internally, which makes it easier to monitor IaaS VMs running in the cloud, as well as a solution to solve a common challenge using SCOM in Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment scenarios common with cloud applications.

In order to better gauge where our customers are with their cloud adoption and collate cloud monitoring experiences, we've created a very short survey which we'd love you to take. This information will be key to several initiatives within SquaredUp and as well as some community efforts that we'd like to champion this year.

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