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Community Round-Up: May 2021

As we’ve been gearing up for one of our biggest events of the year – SCOMathon – the community has also been busy churning out awesome content. This past month, SCOM wizard Kevin Holman published blogs demystifying the Remove-SCOMDisabledClassInstance and demonstrating how to remove SQL DB Files, FileGroups, and Log files from SCOM. Microsoft revealed new Azure Monitor capabilities at Build 2021, and Cameron Fullers illustrated exactly how we can visualize data in Azure with workbooks.

In SquaredUp news, we have launched Dashboard Server Enterprise, and published a Dashboard Server Learning Path on everything you need to know about Dashboard Server, from setting up to working with the WebAPI, PowerShell, SQL and Elasticsearch tiles. We also asked the question: is Dashboard Server the effortless alternative to Grafana?


SCOMathon is back on June 8th and 9th 2021!
If you use SCOM, make sure you don't miss SCOMathon – a totally free, global community event for anyone who wants to enhance their SCOM skills. Check out the all-star line-up of speakers and register to attend now!

Demystifying Remove-SCOMDisabledClassInstance
SCOM legend and Microsoft MVP, Kevin Holman, pulls back the curtain on an essential SCOM command that every SCOM administrator should know. As a bonus, he even provides some SQL queries to add to your toolbox.

How to change passwords for accounts used in the M365 SMP
Changing service account passwords is a common task in most IT organizations. See how to change passwords for the accounts that execute the M365 SMP scripted workflows.

SCOM Agent  – Fix unhealthy grey Health Service Watchers
Sometimes all you need is a checklist, and that’s why Microsoft System Engineer, Ran Nahmany, has prepared this doc for you! Follow his instructions and enjoy your new “green machine.”

Copy SCOM monitors inside sealed management packs
Ever struggled to create a copy of a monitor inside of a sealed MP? It’s not actually that hard – check out this handy article for a quick and easy solution using MP Author!

Remove SQL DB Files, FileGroups, and Log files from SCOM
Kevin Holman shows us how to remove SQL DB Files, FileGroups, and Log files, so as to reduce the instance space in SCOM.


What’s new in Azure Monitor at Microsoft Build 2021
Microsoft announced many new capabilities of Azure Monitor at Build 2021, including easier onboarding on Azure App Services, and new Log Analytics capabilities.

How to check if network connectivity for the Azure Arc Connected Machine Agent is blocked
Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, Thomas Maurer, has compiled some commands which allow you to check if a machine can connect to the specific URLs needed for the Azure Connected Machine agent.

Visualize data in Azure with workbooks
Cameron Fuller, Microsoft MVP and Cloud & Datacenter Management Specialist, introduces us to workbooks, Azure’s tool that can visualize the data that you gather from a variety of sources.

Log Analytics Data Collection and Configuration with Bicep
Microsoft MVP and Azure expert, Billy York, shares some handy tips and examples on how to use Bicep to configure Log Analytics data collection.

Running PowerShell Against All Azure Subscriptions
Do you want to know how to run your PowerShell command against all your Azure subscriptions? Check out this article for a useful step-by-step guide.

How To Deploy Sysmon And MMA Agent To Receive Logs In Azure Sentinel
Do you battle with deploying Sysmon and the MMA Agent at scale? Read this article to learn how to create an Azure Sentinel workspace, create a Group Policy and roll out Sysmon and the MMA agent to receive logs in Azure Sentinel.


Dashboard Server: Working with the SQL tile
In part 5 of our Dashboard Server Learning Path blog series, SquaredUp’s Technical Evangelist, Sameer Mhaisekar, explores the SQL tile, which will let you connect to any SQL database and run a SQL query straight from SquaredUp Dashboard Server.

Dashboard Server: Working with the Elasticsearch tile
In part 6 of the learning path, Sameer shows us how easy it is to build a dashboard for Elasticsearch with little to no expert knowledge!

New: Dashboard Server Enterprise version
Dashboard Server Enterprise is enterprise ready! Access data from any source with PowerShell, access application data through a REST API, or use the SQL tile to unlock data in SQL databases.

2 reasons you need Dashboard Server with SquaredUp Connect or EAM
Is the thought of opening up access to your SCOM and Azure data preventing you from sharing the joy of powerful dashboarding with other teams? We have the perfect solution!

Is SquaredUp Dashboard Server an effortless alternative to Grafana?
What are your dashboarding objectives? Dashboard Server could be your ideal alternative to Grafana. Check out this article to find out more!

Community Answers

Server CPU % Alert – Health State Reset during CPU degradation
Chris Dodson experienced a health state reset when his server hit CPU usage issues during the night. Do you know why this would occur? Help out a member of the community!

PowerShell Tile – Access Denied on Systemprofile
Infrastructure Architect, Ruben Zimmermann, shares a nifty solution to the Access Denied on Systemprofile problem that occurred when creating a dashboard that leverages the new PowerShell tile.

Monitoring DNS on Windows 2016 with SCOM 2012 R2
Ervia’s monitoring of DNS stopped when DC servers were upgraded to 2016. The latest DNS MPs require SCOM 2016 and above, while the DNS MPs for SCOM 2012 cover DNS on Windows 2012 servers only. It’s not possible at the moment to upgrade SCOM in the organization. Do you know of any workarounds?

Collection rule not collecting data
In Perf Data Source, querying for Global Snapshot failed, returning the error ‘The wait operation timed out.’ Santosh is unable to collect performance data due to the error. Any tips for identifying the root cause?

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