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SquaredUp case study - Health Alliance


Case Study

New Zealand-based provider of information systems platforms, for the Northern Region District Health Boards.

3,000 servers

26,000 end users

SquaredUp has allowed us to avoid unplanned outages to critical clinical systems, so it’s been a huge win for us.

Nicole Gyde
healthAllliance, Senior Systems Engineer

The Challenge:
Memory Leak!

Having discovered a memory leak issue after multiple servers displayed the “Blue Screen of Death”, Senior Systems Engineer Nicole Gyde utilized SquaredUp to help get to the root cause of the issue quickly.

With New Zealand’s Northern Region healthcare institutions depending on healthAlliance’s platforms, it was imperative to ensure that systems were up and running at all times.

healthAlliance had a clear need for better visibility of its infrastructure.

The solution: Total Dashboard Architecture

1. Identify the root cause

Using SquaredUp’s Total Dashboard Architecture feature, Nicole’s team generated drill-down dashboards to uncover the root cause of the memory leak.

As the feature provides visibility for every monitored entity — from applications and servers to databases and disks — identifying the root cause was just a few clicks away.

2. Create dashboards in minutes

Having identified the root cause, the team proceeded to create various dashboards to locate all the affected systems proactively. These dashboards revealed that the issue was significantly widespread. SquaredUp facilitated troubleshooting as well as a problem resolution process.

The fact that these dashboards could be created in minutes, and not just by SCOM experts, allowed specialists across the team to build the views they needed.

3. Drastically reduce outages

Within weeks of implementing SquaredUp, healthAlliance was in a way better position to avoid unplanned outages.

“These dashboards are incredibly practical, having the ability to spin them up so quickly was especially vital during the initial phase of trying to determine the root cause.” said Nicole.

SquaredUp was the only tool that allowed the support teams to identify the root cause.

Nicole Gyde
healthAllliance, Senior Systems Engineer

A happy repeat customer

Having worked with SquaredUp for over a year and upgraded their EAM license from 20 to 50 users, here is what Nicole has to say about her experience:

“Thanks for all the wonderful work you are doing. It’s having a massive positive impact within the community, even down here in “Middle Earth”.

The latest updates to the performance tiles are amazing. During our troubleshooting phase, the team kept asking me for a trend graph that could do ‘Top-N’, so it was great that I could also provide that for them since this last update 4.3 has been released.

Due to the size of our fleet, I found myself having to break the data up per OS to make it more readable. With the new features, I’ll no longer need to do that, which is awesome.”

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