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How to integrate your SCOM and OMS data

Join Richard Benwell and Matthew Long, as we look at integrating OMS data into your SquaredUp dashboards alongside your existing SCOM monitoring information. The SquaredUp OMS integration pulls data live from the OMS Rest API, requiring no additional storage, agents or pre-existing integration between SCOM and OMS. We show the power of having all of your OMS data in a familiar tool that your users are already using and understand, and even how SquaredUp applies SCOM role-based access control and scoping to queries automatically so you don't need to provision users in OMS and can ensure people only have visibility of OMS data they are authorized to see.

We also talk some OMS features and finally give a sneak peek of things to come in the next version of SquaredUp, though only for people who were live on the Coffee Break webinar. If you don't want to miss out on future live exclusives, make sure you register below and attend the live recordings.

See here for the webinar slides.

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