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Five awesome SCOM management packs

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is an insanely sophisticated infrastructure monitoring tool but it's the Management Packs that do all the heavy lifting. Download our infographic to see which Management Packs you can install today...for FREE!

Why stop there?

With inboxes drowning in alerts, many IT pros see SCOM as complex and noisy. Meanwhile, they lack the "eyes-on" visibility they need to keep their systems healthy and applications online.

That’s why we created SquaredUp — it’s the missing piece of the monitoring puzzle.

With fast, easy-to-use dashboards that can be customized to the exact needs of each team, from management to administrators, SquaredUp gets your teams engaged with monitoring. Engaged users leads to investment in getting the right monitoring. And getting the right monitoring leads to monitoring that works.

The result is IT teams that are in control, and systems that stay online.

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