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au2mator Services Dashboard

This dashboard shows how au2mator were able to visualize all their services within a single SquaredUp dashboard. Using SQL, PowerShell, Azure Log Analytics, and Web Content, au2mator made a dashboard that looks simple but visualizes a lot.

Michael Seidl, au2mator


Our au2mator customers heavily use the au2mator Self Service Portal to present automation as a delegated task to the Service Desk, Users, and Admins.

We wanted a dashboard of our au2mator Services to get visibility of the Automation Services health, including System Center Orchestrator and Azure Automation.


The SquaredUp dashboard uses SQL, PowerShell, and Azure Log Analytics tiles to present all data. Wherever it was possible, we used the SQL tiles to show Performance Counters for System Center Orchestrator (SCO) and au2mator.

To get the names of the Heavy Users from au2mator, we used PowerShell, as the database does not provide us with the “nice” names that would be easily recognizable.

For the Azure Automation Integration, we used the Azure Log Analytics tile to present the Azure Automation Runbook Sates.

Dashboard walk-through

In the first half of our SquaredUp dashboard, we use SQL and PowerShell tiles to present performance and health counters for the au2mator Self Service Portal, and we use a Web Tile to let our dashboard users directly open the Self Service Portal in a new tab. This reduces the tool switching needed between seeing a need and going to resolve it.

Total Requests

The SQL Donut Tile is displaying the number of requests and their state. Here we are using the “Timeframe-Option” to view tickets within a certain timeframe.

Heavy Users

Then we used the PowerShell Donut Tile to visualize heavy users because the au2mator database stored the SamAccountName, but with PowerShell, we get the DisplayName from Active Directory.

Total Services

This is simply a count of the number of our au2mator Services.

Top 8 Service Usage

We also used a SQL Donut Tile to present the Top 8 Service by usage.

Start au2mator

We used a Web Tile to allow the dashboard users to start the au2mator Self Service Portal in a new tab straight from the dashboard.

The second half of the dashboard is intended to present a quick overview of our Automation Engines, so we see System Center Orchestrator and Azure Automation Runbook Health in that area. These tiles are not configured with the “Timeframe-Option.”

Runbooks Job Status

This shows all Runbook Jobs and what their status is - failed, warning, or success - in a SQL Donut Tile.

Running Runbooks

A quick overview, using an SQL Grid, that shows a list of all running and queued Runbook jobs.

Azure Automation

Using the Azure Log Analytics to present the Azure Automation Runbook Jobs sate as a donut tile.


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