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SQL Samples Dashboard

Sometimes, visualizing something is harder than getting the data. This dashboard was designed to demonstrate how the same base SQL query could be used with each of SquaredUp’s visualizations. Each SQL visualization slightly modifies how the data is presented to target user requirements. For example, a Status Block to quickly show health or a spark line to show how something has changed over time. The same data source, seven different SQL visualizations! 

Shawn Williams, SquaredUp


The challenge was to use one basic SQL query and demonstrate different ways to visualize that query using SquaredUp's native visualizations.


When working with a customer, the SQL visualization requirement kept changing because the target audience kept changing. In order to demonstrate how flexible SquaredUp is, we needed to build a dashboard that displayed storage information using each of SquaredUp’s native visualizations. 

Each tile contains the same “base” SQL query, though for some SQL visualizations, a subsequent query is needed to reformat the data for the visualization.

Please note, even though the SCOM Data Warehouse was the target database, it is not required. Any relevant data from a SQL database can be visualized.

Dashboard walk-through

Each tile on the dashboard is a different SquaredUp visualization. Here is how it breaks down:

Tile 1 (Donut) - Case statement for the Donut tile to group and summarize on.

Tile 2 (Bar), 3 (Grid), 4 (Status Block), 5 (Status Icons) – A simple select statement to limit results.

Tile 6 (Sparklines), and 7 (Graph) – A second query to retrieve performance data.


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