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Coffee Break: SCOM Update Rollup 1

Heard about the SCOM Update Rollup 1 but unsure of exactly what it entails? In this month’s Coffee Break webinar, two SCOM experts – Leon Laude and Shawn Williams – break it all down for you. Leon Laude is a SCOM Consultant and the author of the popular ‘The System Center Blog’. Shawn Williams is our very own SquaredUp Technical Evangelist, who was formerly a Systems Admin at Purdue University for 23 years.

The webinar covers everything related to the SCOM Update Rollup 1, from a step-by-step guide to updating, to useful resources to get started and a run through of new features and fixes.

To start off, Shawn and Leon discuss a stand-out feature of SCOM Update Rollup 1 – its new “one-click installer” which hugely simplifies the installation process. A big leap from previous update rollups which required multiple manual steps that had to be performed in a specific order, for each installed component, this simple one-click installer that does all the work for you is a long-awaited change that even SCOM veterans Shawn and Leon admit to be impressed by.

After an overview of SCOM Update Rollup 1, Shawn and Leon give us a step-by-step run through of the installation process. They also cover how to troubleshoot a failed installation, and all the steps required to fix it (9:40). The pair also cover the Update Rollup Hotfix, with Shawn saying and Leon agreeing (to the joy and relief of all SCOM Admins) that the fact that Microsoft released a Hotfix this quickly is a clear indicator of Microsoft’s commitment to SCOM’s continued success.

An especially useful component of the webinar is the FAQ section. Questions include:

  • Will the one-click patching experience patch the entire SCOM deployment including the agents? (14:42)
  • What will happen in case of a failure at any step? (16:00)
  • Where can I see the logs if I am using the msp file and not the user interface for patching? (17:53)
  • Will the databases be updated every time the patch is run on each management server? (19:30)
  • Will all the MPs be imported as a part of the ‘integrated’ experience? (19:54)
  • Will I be able to uninstall the management server patch? (20:30)

Have you got any other questions about the SCOM Update Rollup 1? Or are there any relevant topics you’d like to see us cover in future Coffee Breaks? Let us know on our Community Answers forum! If you'd like to attend future webinars, register for our Coffee Break series – our monthly SCOM/SquaredUp webinar with all the best tips.

To round off, here are some useful links on the SCOM Update Rollup 1: