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Powerful visualizations for your SQL dashboard

Build a SQL dashboard in minutes to see the performance and status of anything

SQL tools you know and love:
create tables, functions and select segments

Use the full power of SQL queries to create tables and display them in your dashboard, use functions to visualize aggregate data in formats like count displays, and select segments to visualize the exact data you need.

SQL Dashboard visualization options

Choose from a range of visualizations suitable for different types of data.


You can display your data as donut charts.

Few vendors have such an active community as SquaredUp. This, together with the regular technical content they produce, has helped us make rapid progress with the product and deliver real results, fast.

Umea University

Ridiculously easy
to share with Open Access

Insights are only valuable when shared. Share your dashboards with everyone, anywhere, using Open Access. Send a link or put your dashboard on a wall monitor or website. It’s as simple as connect, visualize, share.

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Zero to dashboard hero in 60 seconds

Hundreds of ready-made dashboards. No new databases. 30 days free.