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Symantec Endpoint Protection Dashboard

This endpoint protection dashboard gives an overview of the status of the various endpoint protection systems. It is used by the IT team to keep on top of device security, and by the service desk to escalate appropriately.

Ruben Zimmermann, (@Ruben8Z)


Endpoint protection is one of the key components in the overall security posture of any company. An easy way to retrieve real time information for a broad audience without giving direct permission on the Endpoint Management Systems was required.


Through the use of the native PowerShell tile in SquaredUp, it is possible to connect to the various Endpoint Management Systems with PowerShell scripts. The scripts produce custom aggregations and custom metrics that are otherwise not available out of the box from the various Endpoint Management Systems. The PowerShell tile on the SquaredUp dashboard is able to execute and display the results of the script with compelling visualisations, giving us a clear endpoint protection dashboard.

Dashboard walk-through

Here is a rundown of the different tiles in the Symantec endpoint protection dashboard:

  • AV Definitions – shows the AV definition age that is applied on the endpoints.
  • Last Server Check-in – shows when the last contact to the management server was made
  • Last Full Scan – a count of devices showing the month in which they received their last full scan
  • App Version – a count of devices across various versions of the AV
  • Infections – gives an overview of the number of infections over the last 30 days and which sites had the most infections
  • Malware – summarises the most detected malware in the last 7 days
  • Computer Infections – allows the service desk to get in touch with computer owners to perform further actions.

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