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SAP Process Orchestrator Dashboard

This dashboard gives an overview of SAP Process Orchestrator, which forms an integral part of our business operations, with many stakeholders who need to be aware of its status and when a process has failed.

Ruben Zimmermann, (@Ruben8Z)


SAP Process Orchestrator runs critical processes which have so far been difficult to observe and monitor by our team responsible for it but also a larger audience of other teams who rely on its uptime as well as management who have a stake in the solution. Observability up until now was done by means of logging to SAP manually or calling the back-end developer when an issue occurs, consuming everyone’s time along the way.


Through the use of the native PowerShell tile in SquaredUp, SIG can connect to the SAP PO API and transform the SOAP (XML) response into the appropriate data needed to visualise the critical process status information on SquaredUp dashboards. The PowerShell dashboard script gives a direct and real-time view from SAP PO which removes the overhead on SCOM and runs far quicker too!

Dashboard walk-through

  1. Activation State – shows how many channels are started or stopped. A stopped channel might be a reason for a non-working transfer and is therefore shown on the right end side in the list of Stopped channels, important when troubleshooting.
  2. Channel State – overview about current states of the communication channels. Channels with an error can indicate a communication problem that requires an action, and the gird list of errors is the most essential part of this dashboard
  3. Control – displays the kind of channels that are configured
  4. Adapter Types – presents an overview about the channels being used

Scripts and data sets to steal

Exclusively built with the native PowerShell tile in SquaredUp. The PowerShell tile allows for the most flexibility when querying and transforming data, a skill that is common amongst IT professionals.


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