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Existing integrations notify the company of new sales, but individuals outside the sales/finance teams may struggle to track their progress directly against the metric of new business goals.

Whilst Salesforce is the primary location for all customer sales data, it would be expensive and unnecessary for the whole company to have a license. 

How can we communicate company performance in real time, without additional licenses and in a way that engages the rest of the business?


This dashboard extends Salesforce reporting beyond new sales, returning a range of metrics that are interesting and relevant to teams across the business – such as Engineering and Marketing.

Using the Web API tile and SQL, the dashboard queries Salesforce for more than just financial data, incorporating deal length, product type, license version & region – to help other teams see data that is relevant to them, and remain engaged in sales performance.

In doing so, the dashboard provides transparency, clearly communicating company performance across various metrics in real time, to anyone who wants to see it using Open Access. Metrics may prove interesting to other teams including Engineering, for products/licences sold, and Marketing, for sales by region.

It is available for SCOM, Azure or Community Edition.

We have similar dashboards in our Dashboard Gallery that display data for other pipelines, so the overall company performance is visible at all times to all employees.

Dashboard walk-through

Row 1: Key headline financial information for last month: number of deals, $ billed and the average deal size.  

Row 2: Data by product and license (interesting to the Engineering team).

Row 3: View of YTD performance, helping to contextualise the monthly data by showing how YTD performance is tracking.

Row 4: Shows deals by region as a percentage and the trend in $ billed per day, helping to highlight whether performance is improving or not.

Row 5: Grid tile with a complete list of information that can be sorted/searched to find a specific deal. This allows users to search by a customer name to see the deal they purchased, or to search by a region to see all deals that relate to a specific region.  


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