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Microsoft Teams Dashboard

The IT department at Purdue College of Science urgently needed a dashboard to visualize key Microsoft Teams usage metrics for their online classrooms. This dashboard keeps track of the total number of Teams and which are empty, which allows them to pinpoint issues with the data load to create the teams or update issues. The dashboard also monitors for empty class sections to help identify issues with the class selection process.

Daniel Parrott, Purdue University


Microsoft Teams classrooms are created for each Division and Section of specific courses at the university, as defined by the Office of the Registrar. Given the large number of sections, and because the creation of Microsoft Teams accounts is problematic, the College of Science wanted to monitor for additions, deletions, changes, etc. of the Teams classrooms.

Specifically, the biggest problem they were facing was trying to identify unused Teams classrooms and watch for their inadvertent deletions.


The team chose to build a Microsoft Teams dashboard with SquaredUp. Using the Microsoft Teams module for PowerShell, Danny was able to optimise and stack his commands and run the scripts on schedule on a Windows server. Through the use of the native PowerShell tile in SquaredUp, Danny was able to read the results of the scheduled scripts and visualize key metrics on a SquaredUp dashboard, using simple scalar and grid visualisations.

Dashboard walk-through

The top left most column of the Microsoft Teams dashboard shows the total number of Teams they are monitoring, and then splits into two columns.

The left column shows the number of unowned Teams and which Teams are empty, while the right column shows the same for the sections that are unowned or empty.

These are important to ensure that the correct classes have been specified and to ensure that the teams are properly populated. Those that aren't properly populated can be quickly identified and removed or appropriately handled.


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