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Microsoft 365

The M365 dashboard Management Pack for SCOM helps to continuously measure M365 user experience from multiple locations using synthetic transactions that users perform, alerting you in cases of service degradation.

Team, SquaredUp


Monitoring Cloud services through SCOM is difficult at the best of times. The problem is, M365/O365 is very visible to your end users, so it's obvious straight away when something is down.

To be proactive, you need decent monitoring capabilities, which is what this FREE M365 dashboard MP gives you:

  • Centralized reports on Microsoft 365 monitoring on the SCOM console.
  • The ability to add Microsoft 365 subscriptions and configure endpoints (watcher nodes) to perform synthetic transactions for them to be monitored in the Operations Manager.
  • A view of the subscriptions’ health and corresponding alerts via H5 dashboard and alert view.


This summary M365 dashboard built using SquaredUp SCOM Edition gives a clear overview of your M365/0365 health, including: subscriptions, consumed licences, network issues, teams performance, mail flow duration and more.

This dashboard pack also includes a bunch of cool perspectives with dedicated views (open and closed alerts, metrics, health) for different components, including licencing, teams, alerts and more.

For full visibility, the insightful tiles and perspectives can easily be transferred into user facing data, surfaced on wall-boards and monitors.


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