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Log Analytics VM Insights Metrics

This dashboard, built with the WebAPI tile for the SCOM and Standalone editions of SquaredUp, surfaces key metric data for Virtual Machines, regardless of where the servers are hosted.

Ashley Thompson, SquaredUp


In today’s hybrid cloud journey that more and more organizations are traversing, centralized data collection and management has become crucial. With an ever-growing adoption of Azure, monitoring and system administrators prefer sending all the important data to Azure’s workspace for easy access and management. 

However, with all of this data in one place, it can be difficult to identify and locate problem areas and unhealthy machines. Without thorough monitoring and time-consuming checks, performance and security issues can be missed. 


This dashboard solves these issues by offering a more “classic” server monitoring experience, as well as a wide range of visualization options. By looking within the operating system of your VMs, it is possible to surface key data such as disk free space and CPU performance. 

This SquaredUp dashboard features customizable tiles, allowing you to present data however you want, enabling a true overview of even the largest groups of machines. By being able to cut through the vast quantity of data, it saves large amounts of time and gives at-a glance monitoring capabilities. 

Another key feature of this dashboard is the ability to create statuses and alerts for your machines, meaning that you will no longer have to trawl through every machine to find issues. Instead, healthy machines will be filtered out, leaving only the ones that need addressing.   

Dashboard walk-through

The dashboard makes a connection to the Log Analytics workspace through a WebAPI provider and runs KQL to fetch data.

  1. Updates by Computer.

This donut tile displays the number of servers that are missing updates, grouped by servers.

2. Updates by Classification.

This donut tile displays the number of missing updates, by classification.

3. Critical Security Issues.

This donut tile shows all servers with critical security issues.

4. Disk Space from Logs.

This line graph plots the Disk Space values captured for all servers.

5. CPU Performance from Logs.

This line graph plots the CPU utilization values captured for all servers.

6. Memory utilization from Logs.

This line graph plots the memory utilization values captured for all servers.


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