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Excel Business KPIs Dashboard

The Management Team at SquaredUp needed a dashboard to visualise key metrics related to the different sectors of business to keep an eye on the KPIs and track targets. This dashboard keeps track of the different key targets set for the business over three time periods and highlights variations. The dashboard also plots the trend on different values hit over the time and helps identify fluctuations.

Adam Kinniburgh, SquaredUp


Each department has their own KPIs and their own way of tracking them. They also have their own tools, so it was difficult to present the data to the management and the data correlation was manual and hence prone to errors.

Collating reports from multiple tools took too much time and data visualization was scattered.


Leveraging the REST APIs that the different tools exposed to read data, SquaredUp was able to bring all the data in the same place and build visualizations on top.

Using labels, they also defined thresholds for indicating different health trackers, to help identify which KPIs were achieved and which ones needed attention.

Dashboard walk-through

The dashboard uses SquaredUp’s WebAPI tile to read from an Excel file on an internal SharePoint folder using Microsoft’s Graph API.

Divided into 3 time periods – last month, last 3 months, and year to date – it compares the corresponding value with the target value and, based on a threshold, assigns health colours to the tiles.

On far right, it also plots the trend graph to help easily identify fluctuations.

NOTE: The data in this dashboard is mocked up but the principle is the same for the actual dashboard.


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