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New: Dashboard Server Enterprise version

In April, we brought you the ability to dashboard any data with the new SquaredUp Dashboard Server product – for free.

Then at SquaredUp Live, we announced the launch of Dashboard Server Enterprise for enterprise organizations who have got to grips with their dashboarding and now want to scale up.

You can purchase unlimited named users and get endless data connections plus new, enterprise integrations that let you dashboard just about anything.

Access data from any source with PowerShell, if you have a little PowerShell knowledge. Access application data through the REST API. Or use the SQL tile to unlock reams of data in SQL databases.

With Dashboard Server and PowerShell, you can query any type of data sources that you can think of today.

Plus, integrations with some of the most popular tools, like Splunk, ServiceNow, Elasticsearch, Azure Logs and Azure App Insights, have inbuilt logic to make it even easier to access data that those systems contain. You can even enrich your dashboards with web page content, custom HTML, images, and more.

Dashboard Server Enterprise is enterprise ready.

Simply install SquaredUp Dashboard Server on a Windows server – on your on-premises infrastructure or a virtual machine in AWS, Azure cloud, or GCP.

Who is Dashboard Server for?

Dashboard Server is for everyone who loves a dashboard.

Both Dashboard Server free and Dashboard Server Enterprise are easy enough for even non-technical people to use. Because everyone needs a dashboard to get fast oversight of their metrics.

The SquaredUp dashboards are beautiful and very easy to organize to show both management and technical employees critical data at a glance.

After 10 to 12 years, we’ve learned that infrastructure teams love a dashboard. It gives operations teams insights into their infrastructure. But these same teams are now moving beyond infrastructure with enterprise applications to get visibility of the business impact of infrastructure changes to end users. They need dashboarding that isn’t tied to the context of their IT infrastructure. And so do the other teams in your organization.

That’s why we created Dashboard Server. It’s a standalone dashboarding product – no SCOM or Azure required – for anyone, and you can get it for free forever! Or upgrade to enterprise for additional users, integrations, and folder access controls.

What can I visualize with Dashboard Server?

Any data, from anywhere, for anyone.

That could look like creating an IT Operations dashboard that lets you monitor the health and performance of your servers. Pull in PowerShell scripts and add in ETL functions to see only the data that’s important to your team.

Or build a Service Team dashboard could give the whole team an overview of data from ServiceNow to display the number of outstanding tickets, their satisfaction scores, tickets by type and priority, and more.

DevOps could get an overview of their critical applications and CPU, memory, and disk usage. Pull in PowerShell scripts and JIRA data to see everything in one place.

Or give management insight into the business KPIs, from revenue to share price to top deals and value by source. Pull data from the likes of Salesforce and Sage to visualize the organization’s performance.

You could even simply have a bit of fun and dashboard some of your interests. At SquaredUp, we’ve created an F1 dashboard to help each other out in the F1 Fantasy League. And our Director of Product Management has created a dashboard to monitor his family’s Plex TV usage.

What’s the difference between Free and Enterprise?

SquaredUp Dashboard Server Free gives you unlimited dashboarding and unlimited sharing with Open Access, with three named users per license. You get a powerful suite of integrations:

Plus, support from our SquaredUp Community.

Dashboard Server Enterprise goes much further.

You get everything offered in Free, plus additional named users, high availability for enterprise scale dashboarding, team folders for access control, and a dev/test license. Plus, there’s the addition of Enterprise integrations:

Try Dashboard Server Enterprise today

Dashboard anything within minutes with SquaredUp Dashboard Enterprise.

Get a free trial here.