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How to use our free PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack

It's here! It's finally here!!

We're delighted to announce that our PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack is now publicly available and ready to download. As promised, it's completely free, open-source, and we're confident it's going to drastically change the way you and your teams view SCOM. We truly believe PowerShell and SCOM has all the makings of a perfect match.

We won't drone on too long here, the webinar recording has all the information you need to get up and running with this shiny, new MP.

We highly recommend you watch this before jumping in at the deep end - it contains important guidance on best practice when using the MP, some dos and don'ts, as well as several examples of helpful scripts/use cases.

For those that like a big, bright orange button (we certainly do!) we've provided an 'official' link to PowerShell Monitoring MP below.

We'd love to hear/see how you're getting on, so send us your thoughts, opinions and use case via Twitter - you'll find us @Squared_Up.

Download the MP

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