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OLD Zendesk Support Dashboard

SquaredUp’s Support Team wanted a real-time overview of all the cases currently in play so they could monitor multiple channels in one place. This dashboard gives the team a real-time view of their tickets by type, status, topic, and more.

Adam Kinniburgh, SquaredUp


The SquaredUp Support Team receives cases via both email and the Guide and they range from feature requests to reports of problems. Because the tickets come from multiple channels, the team are unable to see how many tickets they have collectively nor are they able to get a holistic overview of the status or subjects of those tickets.


The Support Team created a SquaredUp dashboard using Dashboard Server to get an overview of all the tickets from the last 14 days. They created one place to visualize both channels and see the progress they’d made in the stack of tickets as well as get a snapshot of the team’s performance and the most frequently asked about topics.

Dashboard walk-through

This Case Analysis dashboard shows a rolling 14-day overview of the support tickets logged with SquaredUp. It has been split into three columns:

On the left are two donut charts – one that shows the proportion of tickets by type and the other by status. They’ve even added some user-friendly emojis to the labels to add some humor and symbolize the label for comprehension at a glance. Big smiles with love heart eyes for the ‘Done and dusted’ status!

The middle column adds some healthy competition in the team by listing out the agents and adding a bar graph of the number of tickets they’ve each closed in the last 14 days. The two rows below give a better insight into the product and channel the ticket relates to. This lets them see which products are getting the most tickets raised against them, and which channel customers prefer to use for submitting cases.

Finally, on the right is the topic of each case and a bar graph that clearly shows that in the last 14 days, license queries and system configurations outstrip the other cases.


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