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Free MP to create SCOM monitors from any SQL query

We've got another fantastic community Management Pack to share with you. This one comes from Zvi Uretzky, a SCOM community member based in Israel, and it allows you to create SCOM monitors from any SQL query, meaning you can monitor your actual application data and have SCOM send alert you when a threshold is breached.

This MP is pretty cool, enabling you to work with your application teams and get them to produce queries for their databases to look at, let's say, the number of pending transactions or the number of orders processed and so on, and then use the power of SCOM to centralise, monitor and alert based on your chosen threshold.

So, to give a very simple example, we know we should be getting an absolute minimum of X orders per hours, so if we're seeing less orders than that going into the DB, then we know there's a problem with the system itself and we need to get an alert!

The MP can be applied to any type of application that connects to a SQL DB and means you can combine data on the usage of your application data right alongside your regular SCOM application monitoring and performance data (ideally all combined in one beautiful SquaredUp dashboard, but that's not a requirement).

Whilst there is already a monitor in SCOM for running SQL queries, it doesn't actually give you the results back (helpful, right?!), it just lets you know that the SQL query can successfully execute. This MP is different as it allows you to compare information from a database with a threshold, rather than just see if the database is healthy or not.

We think this is pretty great stuff and are delighted to be able to lend our support to help Zvi publicise the fantastic work he's done and generously shared with the community.

The SQL Query MP can be found here.