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Dashboard competition: Win a Star Wars LEGO set worth $800

Join the exciting dashboard competition as part of our Dashboard Server product launch!

Put your best dashboards forward and stand to win a Star Wars LEGO set worth up to $800. The best bit: it's entirely free to take part!

Dashboard competition

Who is eligible: Anyone who downloads Dashboard Server (free) or has SquaredUp for SCOM or Azure installed.

How to enter:

  1. Build a dashboard using SquaredUp.
  2. Email with a link to your dashboard alongside a short explanation (approx. 100-300 words) of how you use it. 
  3. Feel free to enter multiple times with different dashboard use cases.  

Deadline: 23 April 2021

Three winners will be announced at SquaredUp Live (27-28 April) and awarded iconic Star Wars LEGO prizes.

May the best dashboard win!

What is SquaredUp Dashboard Server?

You might have heard of SquaredUp’s well-loved dashboards for SCOM and Azure. Dashboard Server takes that stellar technology and enables you to dashboard anything and everything – all for free. SCOM and Azure are not required.

You can connect Dashboard Server to any enterprise IT tool for powerful visualizations in minutes. You’ll also get unlimited integrations with the Web API tile, PowerShell tile, and SQL visualization capabilities.

Head over here to find out more.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful dashboards!